With many years experience helping consult with restaurants, our CEO: Michael Blitz has tons of extra help he can provide to any customer of Let's Order Online!

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  2. Walk around your restaurant and ask the customers about take out and delivery, talk about the excitement of ordering online, how it is easier and better for both the restaurant and the customer, give them a discount code to try online ordering!
  3. 4 Ingredients of Success From Gary Hirshberg, CEO of Stonyfield Farms:
    • A superior product or service. If it is the same as what someone else can offer, their pockets will be deeper. Never compromise on the handshake with the consumer.
    • Your passion is so central. Most undervalued element in entrepreneurship is perseverance. Never accept the naysayers. If you don′t ask you don′t get.
    • You must have a deeply sound intuition about your consumer. Spend time with them, listening and hearing is crucial.
    • Absolute ability to understand cash flow. All that matters is that you don′t run out of cash.
  4. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.... More coming soon!