Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Exactly Do You Do?
A: We provide restaurants with an online ordering service system. More details?

Q: How Do I Receive Orders?
A: With any internet-connected computer OR by fax!

Q: What if I Already Have a Website?
A: Great! We can add online ordering to your website.

Q: What If I Don′t have a Website?
A: No Problem! We can register a domain name and host a website for you.

Q: How Much Does It Cost?
A: We charge a one-time set up fee that varies by menu size, and complexity. We charge a monthly ($100) or yearly ($1,000) flat rate. This rate can vary depending on region and possible promotions. Your account manager will work this out with you.

Q: What does the flat rate include?
A: This rate includes: 24 hour hosting of website; unlimited order processing; live customer service; free upgrades and product development; and unlimited access to your control pane where you receive orders and manage your website.

Q: Is There A Contract?
A: No! You choose monthly or yearly billing, and we offer refunds on unused months for annual customers who cancel service. (No one has ever cancelled.)

Q: How Many Customers Do You Have? Where?
A: We currently have satisfied customers across the country with the number increasing daily. We also have a growing number in Eastern Europe. We have processed thousands and thousands of online orders without errors. See some sample client web sites here and read testimonials here!!

Q: How long does it take to set up an account?
A:Between 2-5 days, depending on how quickly we receive the information required to build your menu/website. See "How it Works" for step by step details.

Q: Why should I operate my own online ordering website instead of just listing my menu with a company that lists many websites (aggregators)?
A: There are many reasons restaurateurs choose to manage and own their own online ordering website including:
(1): Savings! Some of our customers save hundreds of dollars EACH DAY when they send their customers to order from their own in-house website compared to pay-per-order services.
(2): Customer Service! Our company is built on service. This program was designed by and for independent restaurant owners. We are here to help you as well as enable to you to take care of your own website. With Let′s Order Online you get your own password to change, modify, erase, turn off, and generally manage you own website and ordering system if you want to! If you need us, we′re here to guide you or to do it for you.
(3): Control! With Let′s order online you can control almost every aspect of online ordering. Our system is more flexible than any other system on the market giving you as much control of your site as you like.
(4): Brand Management & Loyalty! When you send customers to another company's website to place an order, they may order from other restaurants on that website, and they become loyal to a third-party provider for your services. When you send them to your own website, they have loyalty to your products and services and you can control their experience and how your brand is represented. When you rely on a third party, they create a monopoly in the marketplace, and you lose control over the cost of doing business with them. They own your data and, if your customers are accustomed to going only to their website, then they own your customer. That means you have no choice but to use them. That is not a good position.

Q: What If I Already Have Online Ordering?
A: You would be wise to use multiple systems and thus protect yourself from being bullied by an aggregator who owns access to your online customers. With Let′s Order Online you always have your own website for your customers to use. You can also use your website to communicate directly with your customers, posting daily specials, announcements and any information about your restaurant you wish to share including photos and video.

Q: I have many companies sending me orders by fax, why would I want to also manage my own online ordering system?
A: If you currently pay per order, our system will save you money if you do more than a few orders per day.
  • Do you get paid daily? We do that!
  • Do you want to have more control? We can help you manage your own online orders.
  • Do you have daily specials you would like to put on your site?
  • Would you like to have photos and/or announcements?
  • Would you like to be able to increase the prep time when you get busy?
  • Do deliveries ever run late and you need to change the time you promise?
  • Would you like to be able to make your own coupons for special customers or business customers?
  • Would you like to offer catering choices?
  • Would you like to make it so your customers, especially those with young children, could order in advance and then come in for dine-in service?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, they are all services our customers enjoy, all for the same low fixed fee.

Q: Who are you?
A: We are a small, community-oriented company, run by forward-thinking developers who are dedicated to creating a product that helps independent restaurants enjoy all the online benefits that bigger chains are able to afford. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service and hire only the best account managers and customer service agents to serve each community. Please read our Mission Statement, Guiding Principles, Core Values and Vision which will help you to get to know who we are.

Q: Why Do I Save Money? (How Does Online Ordering Increase Business?)
A: Our system:
  1. Encourages repeat business by making repeat orders a matter of 2 clicks.
  2. Encourages more business with businesses by making it easy to order for a group and by giving the total for each person along with an itemized list of each order.
  3. Increases the size of individual sales with up-sell links to extra food, beverage, and dessert items,
  4. Eliminates costly mistakes that occur when you are hurried and have to take down an order,
  5. Saves time as you don′t need to answer the phone as often. Customers can learn your daily specials by checking your website,
  6. Reduces frustration in customers and employees that often occur from misunderstandings and inaccurate information. What happens when a customer orders from an old menu and the price is changed? This doesn′t happen with our system as restaurants easily and quickly can keep their prices up to date.
  7. Streamlines the process of managing orders.

Q: How Do I Pay? How Do You Charge Me?
A: You pay by check for annual service, OR by credit card or automatic bank withdrawl for monthly plans

Q: How Do I Update, Change, or Fix the Menu?
A: You can login to your account and make any changes, at any time. It is easy to learn how and is part of the training we provide you. If you have questions, need reminders, or are too busy and have lots of changes, contact customer service and we can help or do it for you. Every customer of ours gets 4 hours of customer service per year as part of our service agreement. To date, no customer has ever used all 4 hours in one year. (By the way, if your call to us lasts less than 5 minutes, it doesn′t count. We want you to feel comfortable to ask questions when needed.)

Q: What Equipment Do I Need to Buy?
A: A fax machine. Or a net book, ipad, notebook, or laptop. If you choose the fax, you will need a dedicated phone line. If you choose the computer, you will need an internet connection. You may want a printer to go with the computer, especially if you get larger orders. (Customers who place larger orders love it when they receive a printed list of the order that tells what each person ordered and how much each person spent.)

Q: What If I Don′t Have Room?
A: We can find a solution to your unique needs. Restaurants hang touch-screens on walls, mount equipment below or above work space, or use a a small netbook that takes less counter space than a rack of condiments or a large calculator. A fax system can be set up anywhere in the restaurant and phone confirmation can let you know when a fax has arrived.

Q: I Don't Like Computers, I Don't Have An Email Address!
A: You can use a fax machine, and we′ll take care of the rest. If you want to use a laptop we can train you in 30 minutes all you need to know for receiving, confirming, and enjoying online orders.

Q: Is It Safe?
A: Absolutely! We can set up cash-only ordering, OR send credit card charges directly into your merchant account. We don't see the card information and neither do any of your employees.

Q: How do my customers pay for their orders? Do my customers have to pay with a credit card?
A: It is your choice. You can let them pay with a credit card, by cash, with a house account, Pay Pal, or any combination of these you choose. If you want them to pay for certain types of orders with a credit card, say delivery orders, we can take care of that too.

Q: Can I create minimum orders?
A: Of course. You can also establish points at which you wish to insist they use a credit card. You can have separate minimums for delivery or take-out and you can charge fees for delivery orders.

Q: I am curious about your option, "Order Ahead and Dine-in." Isn′t that a reservation system? And what about when we are too busy to offer it?
A: Yes, "Order Ahead and Dine-in" is really a reservation system where the customer can have the food be ready within 10 minutes of their arrival. It′s great for business people who want to have a meeting over lunch and also for families with small children who don′t have the patience to wait for the food to be brought.

Most restaurants have certain periods when they are slammed and don′t want to offer this option. It is easy for us to set this up so that it is NOT offered during those times. If you wish to switch the times, it is easy for you to do it as well. Some restaurants in college towns which offer this option, block out those times during football games.

Q: Are there any extra features I should be aware of?
A: Yes! Rotating daily specials on a set schedule, different items by time of day, catering systems, custom coupons, view aggregated data, and many more, Too many to list. Contact us using the link to the right, or play around with the demo site. Some proprietary features are known only to current customers, and others are being developed right now. If you are interested, let us know. We are always improving our product, learning new needs from our customers and finding new solutions. The Nature of Life is to Grow. So does our program. As Winston Churchill once said, "Success is never final."

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