Special Features of Let's Order Online Websites for Online Ordering:

  • All options are available at the price you determine. For example: Usually all salad dressings are free, but most restaurants charge extra to substitute artichokes for onions.
  • YOU can easily make changes to prices, ingredients, daily specials, and more!
  • YOU change the preparation time needed for pick-up, delivery, and more in 2 clicks! If you need more time when you are busy, in seconds you can change what it says on your website.
  • Have custom pictures of your food that enlarge with a click.
  • YOUR CUSTOMERS get a receipt and confrmation email when you accept their order.
  • YOUR CUSTOMER can quickly reorder a previous order or favorite item. 2 clicks.
  • The program continuously UPSELLS tastefully (paying for itself many times over.)
  • All past orders are accessible in your control panel. so are data reports regarding your profits and how many visitors are shopping each day on your website.
  • You are the only company on your website - no competition sharing your page, offering coupons to their restaurant (as aggregators do)
  • When an order is for many people, the program tells how much each person owes. Great for business orders as well as friends getting together.
  • PERSONALIZED Group ordering (office, clubs, families). Individuals can each order separately and have their orders put together in a group.
  • A 24 hour virtual waitress, accepting orders around the clock.

Our Local Representatives Offer the Best Personalized Service:

  • Your LOCAL rep will provide complete training for you and your staff ONSITE.
  • Photographs of your food and restaurant to customize your homepage!
  • Provides customized promotional materials to help advertise your new website!


  • Costs less than other services.
  • Money Back Guarantee!
  • We include promotional materials in your set-up, and train your staff how to make your new service successful!
  • ONE FIXED FEE per month means the more orders you get, the more you save! (Unlike per-order fees.)