Benefits of Online Ordering:

1. For Your Restaurant

  • More impact than a website.
  • Online ordering is easy, interactive, and profitable.
  • Online orders are 15-20% larger.
  • Keeps staff off of the phone.
  • Encourages repeat customers.
  • Promotes daily specials.
  • Expands your business without additional overhead.
  • Instant payment. No third party holding your money

2. For Your Customer

  • Creates relaxed ordering from a full menu.
  • Remembers past orders and favorites.
  • Manages group orders with separate totals.
  • Saves time, quick as a click.
  • Displays all choices, like toppings and extras, drinks and desserts.
  • Simplifies corporate orders and catering.

Why You'll Love Us:

  • Customers love not being on hold. Restaurants love not having staff on the phone.
  • Customers love ordering from a full menu without being rushed. Restaurants love not having to go over everything.
  • Customers love a clear written confirmation of orders. Restaurants love that the order is perfect at pickup time.
  • Repeat customers love the simplicity of reordering with two clicks. Restaurants love the repeat business.
  • Customers love getting their order quickly. Restaurants love the rapid flow of customers.
  • Customers and restaurants love that online ordering gets faster and more fun with every use.